Thursday, October 6, 2011

Front Porch

Well it's that time again - The Fall Season! and this is my beautiful Pottery Barn-ish Style Porch - NOT!
Although I would love to stylishly decorate my porch for autumn with fall colors and textures, I just can't. Instead, I am decorating it fun for my kiddos, even though they are always begging me to decorate super scary. 

This is the compromise I came up with...
(actually kiddos had no choice and will like it anyway)

It first started with this old ladder that I purchased from a garage sale this summer for 2 bucks.  I even had to chase down My Love one night as I caught him trying to throw it away because it was "unsafe"  God love him for always looking out for me but I had to explain that we would not be using it to climb on, it was for decorating - DUH!.  Got some weird looks from him but he just went about his own business and moved on. 

I originally used it in our church's VBS as a prop for a safari booth in our Big Jungle Adventure Theme.

<><> <><> <><>
This is just a random pic that I included of us in the jungle - because I think it's cute and it reminds me of VBS and makes me smile  :)

Now back to the old ladder~
I placed it on my front porch and came up with this...

Birds from Walmart
Ladder from G~Sale
Plants from Yours Truly
 Rat and Ribbon from Dollar Tree
Tombstone from previous years

I then set up a little witch's cauldron on the other side of the door.  I spray painted an old orange plastic pot that was one of my previous curb finds.  I tweeked and tweeked it until I came up with this...

Black Bird from Walmart
Broomsticks from Target
Skull, TrickorTreat, Witch signs from Dollar Tree
Plants from Yours Truly
Black Cauldron - My Curb Alert find
Tombstones from previous years

So there you have it - our front porch all decorated for Fall Halloween. I am still working on something for the front door after I spray paint one of my Curb Alert finds from Monday.

*Update:  Buttercup keeps rearranging all of the goodies so it's messed up updated by the hour!  Uggg!  Don't know where she gets the reorganizing gene from!

Happy October!


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