Monday, October 17, 2011

Garage Sale Weekend!

I said I wouldn't but I couldn't resist shopping at all of the garage sales this weekend! I was so excited that everything was so well within my self-imposed budget!  Here is a sneak peek into what I found...

Wood Frames $2/each
Gold Frame $5
Green Frame $3
Pineapple Garden Finial $5
Rooster Lamp $Free

I already promised Butterfly and one of my friends that they could have first dibs.   I cannot wait to work on them and turn them into chalkboards or memo boards like my kitchen chalkboard HERE.

I love white dishes so was pleased when I saw these...

Set of white dishes $10

And you know I cannot pass up a good Curb Alert! (hence my blog baby's name)
These other items were in front of a house with a sign out front..."FREE"  I definitely came to a screeching halt and pulled over to scoop them up fast! Hey, I'm not too proud - I've got four kids to send to college!!!

Ikea Chalkboard $Free
Ikea Table $Free
Lamp w/cool lampshade $Free
Prelit/Christmas Tree $Free
Desk Lamp $Free

Here's a "so cheap it might as well be Free" item.  I spent a whopping $10 for this daybed and trundle...BOOYAH!  We are switching our children's rooms AGAIN! *#!% dangit!  at the moment so I need another bed for my Buttercup! 

Notice the original price...$85 Not a steep price for a secondhand bed but too steep for my budget!  I caught the homeowner at the end of the day dragging the bed to the curb...she was giving it away!  I offered her $10 because I felt bad.  She asked to give me the two mattresses as well but that is one of the items where I must draw the line-my mattresses must be new!  She also gave me the gold frame (in the above picture) for $5 that she originally had marked for $40 early in the day.  I passed all of these things up at 9am and so glad I did a second drive bye went back to check on the stuff later in the afternoon.  I REALLY wanted that frame! and the bed was a bonus to me!

And finally, my favorite find of all...the Rooster!!!  I helped my neighbor set up their garage sale and borrow our tables on Friday night and he set out this fabulous rooster lamp.   I asked to buy it and he gave it to me for free for helping them out!!!  Little did he know I have been secretly coveting adoring that rooster in their home for years now,  even spotted it sitting in their garage a few months ago during one of their backyard BBQs.  I was so excited to have it!!!  especially because we NEEEEEd another rooster-not! Thank you neighbor!

I know my blog-friend Helen would approve! She loves roosters too!

Well that's a sneak peek into my Saturday!  The rest of the weekend was with my sweet little family.  I had intended on shopping the curb this morning but ends up my kiddos are out of school so we all slept in a bit (even later than the trash man) and that doesn't happen very often!

Happy Treasure Hunting!

P.S.  Hey, while you are still here...did you hear Curb Alert's new background music?!?  It's my theme song of sorts - Sanford and Sons.  My Love hums it each time he walks by my pile of junk lovely awesome finds stored in the garage.  I have kind of taken over a little space in his man-cave...thanks Love!

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