Monday, October 24, 2011

My Monday Morning - Hour by Hour

6:20 a.m.
I am pressing snooze on the alarm clock and pondering some thoughts...
What a great weekend.  Spent time with my family and with my Lord.  That's the way I like it!

This weekend I have received some pretty inspiring emails from my family and friends.  It really makes me smile - thank you :)

And now on to some trash talk - because I have to get it off my chest!  It's a new trashday in our hood a great Monday and there has already been a lot of excitement for this dumpster divin' diva. 

7:30 a.m.
On my way home from carpooling this morning (bye kiddos for 8 hours!) I drove by the motherload of curbside dumping!  Looks like some neighbors had cleaned out their garage this weekend and now seeing this pile of junk stuff that could be refurbished into some goodness got me a little exited.  I guess My Love could tell how excited I was so he offered me a hand to help grab a few items from the curb before the trash men were coming down the street.  I had to do something, especially since my "curb-shopping-white-truck Monday-Morning-Competition" had not made it by yet.  Yes there is competition for this skill!  I am not the only lunatic reduce, reuse, restore type of person out there.  I just could not let those things go to the dump!  Just so you know how awesome he is (my husband, not the competition) - he agreed to let me take his picture and post it!  I.LOVE.THIS.MAN!  What a sweetie - MUAH! xoxo

Yes that's My Love grabbing the shelves for me in just the nick of time!

Moving on to 9am...
Buttercup and I took a little drive further out of our trash scouting neighborhood usual zone this morning over an awesome bridge singing "London Bridges" and various other tunes to go pick up these:

Don't call me crazy yet - I havent completely lost my mind because there is a reason for this mission! and I will get to that later at 11am.  I answered an ad in Freecycle again.  The homeowner called me to give me directions and she mentioned her kids played all Sunday with the tires, washed them off and arranged them in a pyramid for me so I can find their house easier!  I crammed all EIGHT tires in my mini-SUV, felt like a true Beverly Hillbilly driving away but hey that's how I roll!  My old friend Sanford would even be proud! 

Speaking of Sanford and back to the blog where I have vowed to chronicle my weekly carpool trips and curb shopping extravaganzas...I promise not to bombard you with too many blog posts this week.  Well I will try not to.  I am trying to focus on much needed cleaning and projects around our house.  We are enclosing a room and turning it into a bedroom.  Although I am very sad to lose this... 

My beautiful dining room
We are turning it into an additional bedroom for our little one!  I will be very happy that Buttercup will now have her own space.  A happy toddler makes a happy momma!

10 a.m.
Driving to deliver the free goodies and to explain the mission...

I have committed to help decorate the KidSpace sunday school area for our church each month so this week I really need to focus on this and prepare for the November deadline.  I am so proud of two of my sweet girlfriends who are the new Children's Directors at our church and want to try to help them out any way I can! :)  It also allows me to get some of this crap out of our garage  really put a focus to all of this curb shopping nonsense and put my crafty skills to good use!

I'll give you a hint - it involved a little bit of this...yes the tires!

and that...
"Wait Mommy, let me put my Punkin' in the picture!"

...but the rest is a secret so I will fill you in on it later.

11 a.m.  
Spending quality time with Buttercup and planning the afternoon when the rest of the kiddos get home. 

Looking forward to well-deserved Sonic trip to reward all of my kiddos for excellent grades in school!  I am so proud of them! 
Again, one very happy momma! 

Happy Treasure Hunting! 
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