Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Outdoor Tables Curb Alert!

I guess I am on a lime-green kick today so bear with me...

I am kinda liking our new neighbors.  Unknowing to them, I have swiped a few of their things.  It's very convenient because I can just look out my kitchen window and see what they are getting rid of and I am THERE!.  I am assuming they have been working on their back yard because they have been throwing out tons of weeds, tree limbs, wood etc.  

Here are a few things that caught my attention that I knew these cans of spray paint goodness could cure right away:

This metal table was very dirty and had water rings on it.  I am assuming they had outdoor potted plants on it, I had to scrape some nasty stuff off.  I WISH I had to foresight to take a before pic but did not.  It's heavy so I was even more pleased that I only had to walk across the street to get it home.  I guess it will have to go in my back yard so hopefully they will have forgotten about it by the time they may "possibly" venture into our domain. 


To my surprise two weeks later they threw out some other items.  It was a little embarrassing because as I was dragging it home one of my other neighbors stopped her car and rolled down the window and said "hey, I saw that and wanted to grab it so bad but didn't have the guts to!"  Gotta have nerve and skill for this party, I tell ya!  The quicker the better!

A quick clean up and some left-over green spray paint from my outdoor plastic chairs and now I am sitting pretty!

See a pattern here w/the colors?


"Have a Coke and a Smile!" - (that's what I always say-it should be my motto since I drink way too much of it!) And look at the cute book that my friend sent to me last week in honor of my new blog!  I thought that was so sweet :). It was written in 1968 - before I was born I have to add!  I wonder what kind of trash-to-treasure ideas they had back then? With just a quick scan, it looks to me like a bunch of candlestick/candelabra/chandelier ideas.  Maybe it will help me move along with this project that is still in the works for LadyBug's room! 

See my recycled lamp obsession  HERE

It now has a new shade of blue and one piece of "bling" for inspiration!  I need to move on with this project because My Love is getting tired of it hanging on our back patio!

Happy Treasure Hunting!
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