Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pork Chop Wreath

Oh no she did-n't just say "Pork Chop Wreath!"  Why Sanford, yes I did! 

I know Sanford, I have lost my friggin' mind but bear with me!

I have never credited myself to be a great cook, in fact I hate to cook and for as long as I can remember (4 children in 16 years!) I have always had a toddler running around so really have a hard time focusing on fabulous meals!

Here is last night's creation, the thrown together in a hurry Shake and Bake fabulous original Pork Chop Wreath!   Hey, don't judge!  Gotta get creative with four picky eaters so with a big bowl of mac n' cheese and pork n' beans we have a room full of happy campers!  A whole lot of applesauce on the pork chops sweetens it up a bit - they love it!

Don't get me wrong, I love recipes like the Pampered Chef Taco Ring:

and the Pampered Chef Brocolli Chicken ring:

or the Pampered Chef Pizza Ring:

I actually prefer these meals over pork chops but guess what, I have tried them all and the kiddos will not touch them!  So back to the trusted boring favorite of pork chops.   Just trying to take it up a notch and make it a little more exciting so hence the Pork Chop Wreath!!!

One more look in case you forgot the beauty of my Crappy Ultimate Culinary Skills!

Wow, what inspiration!  I am a genius, right?  Not really, in fact Sanford may be even a little embarrassed that I remotely have anything in common with him.  And just wanted to add that I do not sell Pampered Chef or get paid to advertise for them. I just enjoy some of their recipes and the opinions are all my own.

Hope I didn't waste your time reading about the Pork Chop Wreath, just wanted to send out a good cheer on this beautiful Tuesday morning! 

I have actually found some pretty neat Curb Alerts the past few weeks but life has take over a little - good things so no worries (no Holly, I am not pregnant again!).  Cannot wait to work on some new projects! 

Happy Treasure Hunting!


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