Thursday, November 10, 2011

Third Time's a Charm ... ( Well Maybe)

This is exhibit #1 - from the side of the road.  I had to figure out what the heck it was first.  I "think" it's a men's suit valet, but it was very worn and dirty.  Once I got it home, stuck a pumpkin on it for a quick photo shootAnyway I took apart the bones and ended up with this:
 (don't know why a pumpkin but it was handy) I got down to the dirty work.

Okay it looks pretty darn dirty and I am thinking what the heck am I doing with this stupid thing!?  I got out some cleaning supplies and went to work on it ... and turned it from grimy old this:

to sparkling clean this...

Okay, so I got rid of the grossness factor but what to do with the rest of the rusty old brassy  junk!?

I sanded, wiped down and then spray painted it a Rustoleum Hammered Silver color that turned out pretty good and after I put it back together it actually looked pretty decent again.  Here it is with it's new refreshed modern life and a photo shoot:

I really envisioned something like this for My Love and now that I have completed the transformation, where am I going to put it?  Would My Love really use it?  Again, would he ever use it?, and excuse my language, but what the HECK was I thinking - picking up this piece of garbage!!! :

Probably not... although he has a real job, he's not so much a suit every day type of guy (who am I kidding?) - he's more of a laid-back luau type:

Awww...that was our first Luau together!  Anyway, back to the drawing board so I had a bright idea to scrap all of the metal and throw it to the curb.

I could use it as a time-out chair.  She looks like she is really in trouble, doesn't she?

I then found inspiration in this:

Via Miss Mustard Seed

And a trip to Home Depot and a little over $5 later I ended up with this:

Wait, not that!  Buttercup decided to take a cute picture of me spraypainting NOT!
It eventually turned into this... a cute little ottoman to put my Stay at Home Mom snackie Bon-Bons and Tea on!  Okay, really brownies and Coke but you get the picture! 

Well, I know, I know - a bit indecisive here but I still do not like it.  I think it's the silver legs that are throwing me off.  So after it was shoved in the closet for a few weeks, I broke it out again and quickly spray painted the legs a dark chocolate brown this afternoon (doesn't show in pics very well). 

Here is how it looks now!  And that's how it will stay. Probably not even worth the $5 legs on it but it will have to do. 

During the writing of this post my da*n dog decided to swipe one of the finished legs off of the painting table and bit some chunks out of it while I was frantically chasing him around the back yard.  I am sure my neighbors now think I am a lunatic by now!  You can't see it in the picture because it's strategically on the back-side.  At this point I AM DONE!  Not wasting any more time on this so called "simple" project!  You win some, you lose some! 
Yet, I still experienced joy during the DIY adventure.

Finally in the end, guess what (I promise no more pictures)!  I am putting it out on my curb.  Maybe someone else can get more use out of it!

Happy Treasure Hunting!

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