Monday, February 20, 2012

Duct Tape Boots!

I must disclose that I am not a fashionista so this is as remotely close to a fashion blog as it will ever be.   Now don't be jealous of my boots and don't try to run out there to find them at Saks because they are authentically one of a kind!

Now I know how much you would like to copy me and my style sense but you will just have to envy me for now in my awesomeness while wearing these amazing boots!!!  Just be content that you know someone like me brave enough to wear them and adore my glory :)

Silly I know but it was a fun little project!   LadyBug and her friend were itching for something constructive to do during their sleepover last night. In a desperate attempt to keep them quiet busy at 11pm, I came up with this idea.
I had seen some pictures of using duct tape to tape over some baby shoes and more on heels, so cute so why not an old pair of boots? 

I had a pair of old worn boots that I have had forEVER I tell you and I have not worn them in years because they were so uncomfortable.   I promise I did not find them on the curb but this project was FREE since we had all items on hand so I had to share with you on Curb Alert!

LadyBug and her friend's eyes lit up when I asked them to cover my boots however they chose to.  Luckily LadyBug had plenty of duct tape on hand to choose from - here is her stash! 

They are both quite crafty so I had complete confidence that they would come up with something spectacular.  Each girl chose a boot and embellished their own.  I am so proud of how they coordinated them for me so I don't look like a complete weirdo when I wear them. 
They turned out awesome!

They wanted me to pose with them but I had a hard time finding an outfit that doesn't look completely ridiculous so here you have it - the cropped of version of me.

I am definitely keeping them though because they are too darn cute to give up.  I am known to dress up from time to time for Halloween so I am sure I can find a costume that they would be perfect with. 

Too much, or too pimped out?  Maybe so, I know but how fun would it be to embarrass the kids w/the boots!   I'll find something and have fun with it!

For now I may just have to show up at their school like this (more my style of dress code)...

I love my LadyBug!!!
Happy President's Day!

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