Sunday, February 19, 2012

Why do I keep changing my Blog Header?

Why do I keep changing my banner?  No, it's not an identity crisis!  Let me explain...

One I am very indecisive!  Two, I am new to this whole blogging world and still trying to see "what fits" and finally

Three, every time I change my header banner to something a little more classier in my mind, then I get a slew of emails telling me they miss the green trash-can and would like to see it back up there!  So I am a sucker for you all and put aside the complete embarrassment of my picture being associated with trash for all of my friends, ex-boyfriends, my children, husband's associates the internet world to see and put it back on there.  Not a bad thing right?  It's my world and has been so much fun sharing it with you. 

Tonite is Sunday night and guess what that means for me?  I get to sneak out and do a quick drive-by in the neighborhood on the eve of trash day!  Woo-Hoo!!!   The weather has finally cleared up and I cannot wait to share some new projects with you all this week.

Oh the classy life I lead!!!  I blame you because you are all enablers to my silly obsession! (Thank you!)

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