Saturday, March 17, 2012

Curb Alert Link Party!

Curb Alert Link Party?  Are you interested?  I have been playing around with party ideas ... I love the Curb Alert! Dumpster Diving Team Member idea.  Would you be willing to join the team and link up with me?

I have been contemplating whether or not I should jump in the link party arena.   I already have an account with LinkyTools and have been using their services for my Project Gallery page, it's super easy (and fun!).  I soooooo enjoy the link parties that I already attend each week and have met so many new blog friends in that area of blogland.  In doing so it has given me the "itch" to start up one here on Curb Alert!

What a great way to meet up with even more blogs and crafty talented geniuses like yourselves!

What are you thoughts about it?  Any ideas of how I should handle it?  Should I limit it to Curb Finds only, Trash to Treasure or Thrifty Finds?  I also love a good makeover on crafts and furniture so include those as well?!  Uggghhh, the possibilities are endless and that is my dilemma.  HELP!  I would love to hear your ideas so PLEASE either leave a comment or send me your thoughts directly by email. 


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