Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Thank You Gift Basket for the Lake

As I mentioned yesterday, our friend allows us to use his family's lake house a few times a year.  I wanted to leave a little gift behind, just to let them know we want an invite back again how much we appreciate their hospitality. 

Last time I left some cleaning supplies.  Much needed for a lake house but B O R I N G!

This time I wanted to leave something a little more personal.   It's difficult to shop for a man, so I headed over to Tarjay and decided to put together a little gift basket for him and his college aged son.  I tried to include things that they could use at the lake in case they ran out. (the closest decent non-hillbilly store is about 30 miles to town, making it difficult for last minute shopping trips).

I came up with the following items: 
LadyBug and I had a ball trying to pick out some "manly" hygiene" items such as Right Guard Deodorant, Dial Soap for Men and Suave Men's Body Wash.  I had no idea that they geared that many spa-like items just for men.   I guess I have my head in the sand when I am purchasing my own girly-girl spa products.

Any way I delivered them all in this cute lakey-looking basket and found towels and wash cloths to match.  They loved it!  

Uncle Cracker, I mean Uncle K's son loved it so much he claimed it and said he is taking it back up to college with him.  So glad they enjoyed it.

Got me thinking that it would be a great Graduation gift or Father's Day gift.  Us Mom's always get pampered but how fun to pamper our dads as well!  The graduates that we know this year happen to be boys so I think I will head back to Tarjay again and stock up!  Who couldn't use some extra deodorant now and then, right?

Now I am going to try to book our next getaway at the lake before their family calendar fills it up! 

Happy Treasure Hunting! 
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