Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Progress on the Girlie Dresser

Why I call it the Girlie Dresser?  Probably because of the pink color that somebody sloppily gooped tried to paint on it and the spindles on the sides. 

I have stripped off all of the paint.  At first it peeled right off but the drawers and spindles were more of a nightmare so I invested in a little more paint stripper.

That stuff is toxic! a secret weapon!  It works like a charm! 

Sanding was much easier. 

It's still a work in progress but I will give you a sneak peek on the direction it's going.
(notice I ditched the spindles, I am now having nightmares about them laughing at me as I try to tame them!)

Still needs some in-between sanding and coats of paint but so far I like the direction it is going. 

Now I am taking a painting break for two days and am going to spend the last moments of summer indulging in some busy kiddo activities with my precious lovelies! 

I will try to finish up the Girlie Dresser this weekend  :)

Happy Treasure Hunting! 
~ Tami

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