Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall Front Porch 2012

Happy Monday Curb Alert! friends and Happy October!

This weekend I decided to add a little fall to my front porch.

I did not purchase a thing but a little spray paint (I'll get to that later) 

And here it is...My Fall Front Porch:

Well that's it, in all it's glory. Nothing spectacular but I like the simplicity of it without a lot of "fuss".

Did you happen to notice the planters? 
They used to look like this (from the curb) then this (painted red):

You know how much I love red but I was getting a little tired of it.  I purchased three cans of spray paint and about $15 later transformed them to fit into my fall porch. 

I like the way it looks now with the fall colors.

  I even found the wreath on the curb with this heap of a mess. I am glad to finally use it.

How do YOU decorate for fall? 

Happy Treasure Hunting! 
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