Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Blog Funk! and other Random Stuff!

My favorite things in the world are spending time with my family and friends, refinishing furniture, decorating, shopping, blogging, reading (yes, reading even though I rarely get a quiet moment to do so) and organizing - I am the first to admit that I am a bit OCD so to me that's fun.   Just thought you should know.   
That's Tami...aside from Curb Alert!

Anyway, lately on top of those enjoyable things I have added working part time, keeping up with my household duties (blah), endless laundry, remodeling our master bath, overhauling our back yard, daily activities of four kiddos and trying to set up a few online shops...



The ideas are spinning round and round faster than I can implement them.
Trying to sort it all out!
  While I enjoy every aspect of my life I am getting a bit overwhelmed.   Therefore please excuse my random blog posts from time to time like I am losing focus.  
You still love me, right?
Promise you will stick around :)

I just have to laugh at myself.  Right now we are a family of six sharing one bathroom, this morning I made four lunches, I left the house and realized that I put the milk in the pantry and the cereal box in the fridge.  This afternoon I couldn't find my cell phone forever (just replaced my previous broken phone 3 weeks ago so would be in tough doo-doo if I lost this one!)  Anyway, I found it two hours later when I was bringing in my stuff from my car.  The phone was packed away in my lunchbox.  Do you ever feel like you are losing your mind?  Yep, so do I and that's why I have been in a bit of a Blog Funk, if you can call it that!  That being said I thought it was best that tonite was a pizza kind of night!

Working on staying Focused!!!

I have a few Curb Alert! projects in the works but they are so random it's ridiculous!  And as I mentioned, am also excited about my new business with Trades of Hope and hope you don't get sick of me showing it off from time to time.  These are the earrings I wore today!  
Okay so modeling is not in my future but cute earrings, right?

So tonite I leave you with this:   Check around in my Project Gallery and then come back here to tell me what is your all-time favorite Curb Alert! find or makeover.  I'm curious! 
Please leave a comment and let me know! 

Now off to go brush my teeth.  Hope to find the toothpaste in the proper place not the fridge

Love ya!
I really look forward to hearing from you guys! 
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