Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Block Party #22

Happy Friday! 

This morning we spent a few hours on a little hike around some local trails and then came home and relaxed on the couch like true couch potatoes!

I did very little decorating and definitely need to add more holiday colors.

But for now, relaxing and watching movies is what we've decided to do for the rest of the day!

What have you been up to?  Shopping?  Decorating? 
Please share with our Friday Block Party! 

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Meredith Garrett said...

Your couch area looks amazing!


Reduce, Reuse, Renewed said...

Love the first initial on the stockings. Classy look.

Jeanne said...

We vegged today but tomorrow will get out and do some walking. At my age relaxing only makes me stiff and sore making it hard to get around!

Sherry at The Rusty Pearl said...

Your living room looks amazing... I love that table we moved in there ...LOOKS Stunning girl .. AND the stockings ..>CAN WE SAY LOVE you did the letters on them ....UBER love