Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Curb Alert! Best of 2013 {Reader's Favorites}

It's always fun to look back at what we have accomplished for the year, isn't it?  Curb Alert! Blog was so much fun for me and I enjoyed sharing every minute of it with you all.
Here are your top ten favorites of 2013, starting with #10.  I have linked up all of the posts here so you can click over to review them at any time! 

#1 Updating Curb Appeal 
{Front Door Refinishing}

Wow!  Some of those were my favorites too but a few of them I even forgot about!  It was a fun reminder.
I am pleased that your #1 favorite post of 2013 is my Front Door Refinishing - as my most FAVORITE thing to do is to refinish wood whether it be furniture, doors, whatever - I LOVE it and glad that my readers do too.

Happy New Year! 
See you in 2014! 

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