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I Hate Cooking, Does That Make Me a Bad Mom?

Don't these Gingerbread Muffins look good?  (They were good)  I baked them today, believe it or not.
I also worked really hard in creatively photographing them for you.

It all started at Christmas when
Santa brought Buttercup tons of Easy Bake Recipes and she has been baking away her Easy Bake creations ever since.  

Easy Bake Ultimate Oven $59.99 via
Seriously I don't recall spending $59.99 on it, maybe we scored a great deal at the time! 

Well here we are two weeks later and we have had way too many, many Red Velvet Cupcakes and Sprinkle Doughnuts.  They are cute little baking bites but it's a long 10-15 minute baking time wait to result in half mushy, sometimes burnt, yucky little cookie cups.  We decided the Easy Bake had to go!  Buttercup enjoyed baking so much that we decided to up the par a bit to better her baking skills.
We bought her some "big girl" baking pans in an effort to draw her attention away from the Easy Bake Oven.
So far the "bait and switch" trick has worked.
So back to the Gingerbread muffins. 
I have to admit, Buttercup actually baked them and I supervised. 

We had a great day. 
I loved it...and I hated it. 

Let me explain: 
I LOVED spending the time with my daughter - we measured and stirred, and tasted the batter, and made a mess, and laughed.

I HATED it - we measured, and measured again, I still messed up the recipe (maybe I'm ADD and couldn't pay attention) and made a huge mess that I had to clean up and half of them were burnt.

Mom's Cooking Chaos!
I guess I am sharing this with you because I tease and tease about my cooking skills with my family (and they tease me back!) but truthfully I just do not enjoy the process.   I don't enjoy the process so much that I do anything I can to eat out, buy out or try to find recipes with as little ingredients as possible.

We love to entertain, even with my lack of culinary skills but luckily my husband does most of cooking for our hosted events.  I love the process and creativity of hosting a dinner party or luncheon and am very good at "faking" the meal.   I try very hard to make pretty food presentations and set the tone in making our guests feel welcomed.  There are lots of store bought items that can be created into something spectacular!

via Curb Alert!

Honestly I am embarrassed.  I would love to be the wife that a husband looks forward to coming home to a big home-cooked meal.   I have always wanted to be the mom that has the huge Sunday Family Dinners that our kids' friends join us.  Nope, not here.  I struggle with fixing a variety of meals that all six of us will enjoy.  Sadly, with a family as large as ours there's a pretty good chance that someone is going to complain.   There are just too many times that I end up fixing my surprise spaghetti as in "Surprise, it's Spaghetti again!!!"  Thinking about the dinner hour just exhausts me!

Many times my go to source is Stouffer's Lasagna, Breakfast for Dinner, and meals by our personal chef.

via Curb Alert!

My poor children!
I Hate to Cook!  
Does that make me a bad mom?
Please tell me no because I sure feel like it!

One of my best friends loves to cook.  We recently spoke on the phone and she mentioned how she was exhausted from spending the entire day on Sunday cooking for her family.   And she LOVED it!  Really?  The ENTIRE day!  I cannot imagine.   But I am envious that she was doing what she loved as a gift to her family.   It made me feel guilty for my own family, for my own kids.  I have felt like I have disgraced them all of these years.

I have really tried, I promise.  I have attended cooking parties with friends, tried the freezer meal prep route and enjoyed the social part of it but when it's time to prepare the meals at home I have been at a true loss!
Look at that!  10 prepared meals right at my fingertips, I am truly a dunce with the execution!

Curb Alert!

The big thing I am struggling lately is our health.  We are blessed.   Our family is very healthy but I know we can do better!  I am so proud of my sister as she has shared with me much of her research in finding better food sources for her family and I hope to follow her lead on it.  I just need to find quicker ways of preparations and short cuts in the cooking process.

One more thing to add.  I was reading through my friend Sharon of Mrs. Hines' Class Facebook Post the other day and she mentioned something that has stuck with me all week.

Last night Mr. Hines and I watched chef, Jamie Oliver on Ted Talks. One of the things he said that really struck me is that kids aren't being taught how to cook anymore. 
His concern was that this perpetuates the fast food/restaurant diet in America.

It has made me feel sad, sad for my own kids and selfish.  Selfish as a mom that I am not sharing and teaching a life skill to them.  They will need it for the rest of their lives if they want any chance of staying healthy.   I have felt down all week!   Guilty is more like it, I am a stay at home mom for goodness sakes, I have plenty of time to practice!


  I need to get over the preconceptions of what a perfect mother should be and try my hardest in the areas that I am less "talented"  It's never too late to learn!
I finally reminded myself that although cooking is not one of my gifts, I have been graced with many other gifts that I share with my family all of the time.   I am a very creative person, very caring person and loyal and honest!  Those are some darn great traits and I know my family and children love me for it.   I have also taught them many, many good qualities, virtues and life skills...just not cooking.

via The Everyday Home

I am now on a mission to learn to cook.  Not just learn how to cook but to cook well and find ways to enjoy it and share the process with my children so that they can benefit from it in the future.

I am challenging myself to:
1.  Have a better attitude about cooking and not look at it as a chore
2.  Cook more often and eat out less
3.  Make a meal plan and stick with it
5.  Find budget friendly and kid friendly meals that everyone will enjoy
6.  Share creative teaching cooking methods with the kids

Words are very powerful so I often read them to remind myself of my strength and determination.

via Mother Letters

via ivillage

I can do that, right?  Of course I can because You are going to help me!  Please link up your favorite family recipes (please make sure they are easy for a novice chef like me) and I promise I will try as many as I can.  Pretty Please!  I am out of ideas and I need you to hold me accountable!  I will link up some of my own favorites but then it's your turn! ...  and then maybe, just maybe I can try.

Want to know my secret Gingerbread Muffin recipe?
Betty Crocker in the Box!

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