Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Eclectic Framed Christmas Tree

I save things...

a lot of things...

in hopes that I will use them for something spectacular!

Furniture knobs and pulls

Sometimes my bright ideas don't come into full fruition, so at times it may seem like saving a little bit too much!  

I have learned that I don't look like so much of a hoarder if I just save them in a pretty glass jar display, then they look more like decor instead of a drawer full of junk!
at least that's what I have convinced myself!

But somehow I just keep looking past the junk and always envision potential - something like this...

It was so easy to make, I just played around with the shapes a bit until I came up with a design that I liked.  I then glued the heavier pieces with Gorilla Glue super glue gel right onto the framed glass and the remaining pieces with a hot glue gun! 

I turned out gorgeous, in my opinion! 

Since I found most of the hardware on discarded trash -Curb Alert! furniture and old broaches/jewelry pieces from Goodwill, I consider it a true Trash to Treasure! 

Something I will treasure for a very long time!


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