Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Early St. Patrick's Day Irish Proverb

March is here and I am feeling wonderful...and happy, and grateful, and lucky!

Four Leaf Clover St Patricks Day Irish Proverb

It's hard not to get excited as I drive around and see all of
the trees and plants budding out.  God's sign that spring is just around the corner, a time for renewal and all things beautiful.

I happened upon this quote while waiting at the bank and had to share it with you!

A little early for St. Patrick's Day but a great reminder of things to come.  Enjoy!

Four Leaf Clover St Patricks Day Irish Proverb

So true.  I am grateful for my friends, especially the ones who have stuck with me in the long-run.  I cherish each one of them and am truly grateful! 

Happy Day!
Happy March! 
Happy almost Spring!

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