Thursday, May 21, 2015

Wait! 5 Things to Consider Before You Paint Furniture!

To paint or not to paint!?!

To Paint or Not to Paint

You love to paint furniture, right?  So do I, but before I do I always consider These 5 Things before painting... 
Here is Exhibit 1:  Thrift Store Table - Before

It's cute and petite and I envisioned a beautiful yummy paint job for our Monthly Themed Furniture Makeover Challenge.   I couldn't pass it up for a mere $20.

I then began to notice a few neat details that had me researching a bit more before deciding what to do with it. 

I found a picture in an online sales group with a similar table (a bit larger than mine) that a lady said was valued at $12,000 - say what??? You read that right.  Hmmmm.  I checked mine for similar markings, similar leather top, cute drop leaf, dove tailed drawers and thought maybe I needed a professional to intervene.

I asked for advice on Hometalk, an online Home/DIY forum and received some great advice

I then submitted the above pics to an appraisal company and upon research they advised that it is definitely an antique and valued around $1,000-$1,150.   Furthermore, if I cleaned it up to restore it back to it's original state then the value would increase.   

Exhibit 2:  Simple Restoration Process
So I decided not to paint it but to restore it to it's original beauty! 

Antique Drop Leaf Table Restoration via Curb Alert!

After applying some Leather Cleaner to the top and Restor-A-Finish to the wood, it now looks like a stunning brand new table!  I am beyond elated, like when I refinished the beautiful Antique Waterfall Chifferobe Armoire , The Gentleman's Dresser with Dark Walnut Stain, or the Outdoor Wood Patio Table.  There is just something about that natural wood beauty that shines!

Exhibit 3 etc...Petite Antique Drop Leaf Table

Antique Drop Leaf Table Restoration via Curb Alert!

Antique Drop Leaf Table Restoration via Curb Alert!

The leather shines and the wood is now a deep rich walnut color.  

Antique Drop Leaf Table Restoration via Curb Alert!

To Paint or Not to Paint Furniture
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So glad I decided not to paint it. 
That's okay though because as mentioned before, I love to paint furniture and there are plenty of other pieces I cannot wait to get my paintbrushes hands on!

As promised, here are the 5 things to consider before painting furniture:

    1. Is the furniture piece sturdy and structurally sound? 
    2. Is there minimal damage to the surface only that is not deep into the wood?
    3. Is there inlaid wood/carved wood or leather inserts? 
    4. Is there a chance the value would increase by restoring or refinishing it? 
    5. Is the furniture piece very old, considered valuable or an antique? 

If you answered yes to most of these questions it might be best to ask a professional for their opinion and/or appraisal. You may be surprised at what it is worth! 

Antique Drop Leaf Table Restoration

Now I am going to go try to sell my little Petite Antique Dropleaf Table.  Although I am sure I will not get he $1,000 at least I can assure to make a little bit of return on my investment.
Wish me luck! 

<div align="center"><a href="" title="TDC Before and After" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="TDC Before and After" style="border:none;" /></a></div> Here are some other stunning table makeovers from a very talented group of bloggers!

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