Thursday’s Treasures


Well today is Thursday! and that means Thursday’s Treasures!

I went to Big Lots today (shhhh-don’t tell My Love) to look for a fleur de lis plate like Allyson found and featured on her blog.  I have enjoyed her blog “No Place Like Our Home” and on the MyKirklands website.  We have a lot of the same taste and have found some inspiring decorating tips from her!  Didn’t find the plate but found some good-sized candlesticks and finials for real cheap, like two and three dollar cheap!

So cheap that they were almost free so I had to scoop them up! (that’s how I justify the purchase!) and therefore makes them eligible to be featured on Curb Alert!

These tables drive me crazy!  They are from My Love’s bachelor days and look orangy-great in the fall but I am getting tired of them.  I have completely sanded one of them and looking for a great color to stain them.  I am hoping to feature the finished product on a future post.

This morning was a score (in my own mind)!  While I was driving home from dropping the kids off at school I found a cute little bunny sign on the curb, thanks to my sweet neighbor that was cleaning out her garage! How can someone throw out something so cute?  I’ll tell you a secret, I think she knows I scope out her trash, actually I know it because her husband teases me all of the time about it and even calls me to tell me he has thrown away something old piece of junk grandtastic to me!  Just a little touch-up paint on the wording and will be as good as new! It may not be a true treasure but will look cute in my yard with my carrots next spring 🙂 

Enjoy your day! Time for some major laundry around here!


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