Shut the Front Door! I’m a Contender!

Someway, Somehow, Somebody cool noticed my kitchen.


Have you seen those fabulous kitchens at Whisperwood Cottage Talent Scouting Party?
 You MUST go check them all out.  Wow, so much inspiration and eye candy!  I definitely have kitchen envy!   Well MY kitchen was not really noticed, but my “DIY Kitchen Drawer” entry got some attention.  WOO HOO!

Check out the original post HERE.

I am excited and amazed.  Such an honor to be included in such a fine group of bloggers!

Having a great day today!  How about you?

Fingers Crossed!


  1. That is fantastic! I guess your on a roll because I just nominated you for "Kreative Blogger" award…check it out on my site! Hope you can participate. Your blog stands out. (should be up in about 5 minutes!! ) 🙂

    ~ Julie

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