I’m a Roadkill Rescuer!

Roadkill Rescue is one of my favorite online sites, so I get a little excited when they find one of my old blog posts in the vault and feature it.  
Remember this silly old TV I converted into a Catbed?
With a little help from MyLove I dismantled the old curbside TV and gave our kitty, Diamond her very own “blingy” spot!  Poor girl was such a trooper during out little photo shoot.
You can read more about how I did it here:  Kitty Bed {Repurposed Retro TV}.
Then head over to Roadkill Rescue to see all of the other fabulous finds turned into treasures!
Happy Treasure Hunting! 


  1. Aww how awesome! And we won't tell your cat that you didn't purchase a BRAND NEW tv to carve out just for her–secret is safe with me!!

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