Curb Alert! Trash to Treasure Gallery


I have been blogging for a little over a year now, but have entertained myself with this same little secret hobby most of my life.
Have I REALLY shared more than 50
Trash to Treasure Projects on Curb Alert?
Yep, I have and you can see them all in one spot if you click the 
on my sidebar.
Somehow, I can look past all of the trash and there is a vision.  Not sure how it hits me but I take the chance and grab it anyway. 
Have you ever DARED to grab something from the curb or the dumpster? 
Would you admit it?
Oh please, you know you have. 
Happy Treasure Hunting!

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  1. Oh I certainly have grabbed trash and turned it into treasure! Sometimes it's treasure just as it is, it just needed the right spot to live. Can't wait to browse your 50 projects, but I may know many already. Love your blog!

  2. Are you kidding, of course I have stuff out of the garbage. My neighbor is remodeling the entire lower floor and I have hauled home a number of things. These never made it to the trash because the neighbor set the good stuff aside for me.

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