Valentines Menu Display

February is here! 
How did that happen?
Have you thought of your plans yet for Valentine’s Day?  It’s right around the corner! This year My Love and I are attending the annual Board Dinner for his company.  It is usually held in a fantastic restaurant with the best culinary delights, definitely an evening we look forward to.  Strange they planned it on Valentine’s Day this year but hey, I guess it works out just as well.  Maybe since MyLove is saving big time on our dinner date he will get the hint to buy his sweetheart (moi) some Valentine roses, we’ll see! *wink, wink
I’ll never forget our Valentine’s Day dinner last year.  We had a get together with a few of our couples friends to celebrate our lovey love.  We had a great dinner and even played silly newlywed games.  Lots of fun, I’ll really miss those guys! 
Anyway, I’d like to share with you a little Valentine Menu display idea that I made last year.  It was so easy and turned out adorable – here’s a peek.

Curb Alert Valentine Framed Doily Menu

Head over and take a look at this post, Framed Doily Menu to see the details of how I made it. 
Now off to go raid the fridge, looking at those delicious strawberries are making me hungry for something sweet! 

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