The Best Tip for Cutting Wine Corks in Half!


I have been working on a few projects, I have, I promise!

And in the middle of crafting with a few leftover wine corks this week I came across a little snag.  I was having the hardest time cutting those darn things in half!  Have you ever tried it, those suckers just don’t budge!


I was getting cuts on my fingers pretty frustrated until I remembered this tip, and it turned out to be a pretty awesome “aha” moment! In fact, it saved the day!
Initially I was sawing into them with a kitchen knife and chopping at the corks causing them to crumble and fall apart.  I was seriously contemplating on blogging about a big “project fail”.   Thank goodness I regrouped and decided to give it a try.


Here’s the tip…
Steam your wine corks in a vegetable steamer
Yep, that’s right, steam those babies right on the stove for a few minutes and I promise you they will slice like butter!
Just put a pot of water on the stove and allow it to briefly boil.
Gather a few corks at a time and place them in the top portion of the steamer.  Allow them to steam with the top on for only a few minutes.If you need extra wine corks you can always purchase some extras online. These are real recycled wine corks, not replicas and work great for so many crafty projects! *Please note the following contains an affiliate link…

You will see that they will puff up a bit (that’s the pores opening up making them less dense and easier to cut)  No worries because they will contract back to their original state after cooling off.

So pull some corks out with your tongs and start cutting a smooth seam with a kitchen knife, of course using your best culinary kitchen safety!  Other than that no additional skills required!
SO Easy and saves WAY MORE time for crafting!  I hope this helps!I invite you to please stop by in a few days and see what I have been working on and as always, thanks for reading Curb Alert!

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