White Painted Christmas Hutch


Hello Friends! It’s been awhile but I couldn’t let the holidays go by without saying hello. I’ve still been painting furniture but also creating more crafty things for a little gift boutique shop in town. It’s been so much fun!

Well I am going to go ahead and show you my beautiful hutch all decorated for Christmas! Spoiler Alert, it sold in three days for a ridiculous amount! I was so excited.

I am so excited how it turned out! Of course it looks amazing all decked out for Christmas, doesn’t it? And can you believe I only paid $30 for it? Well you HAVE to see WHY.  It was in such a shabby shape to begin with but I insisted on giving it a chance! Be sure and click over to see the before and more gorgeous after pics. Oh and Merry Christmas!!!!…

So as I mentioned, $30 bucks buys you this around these parts…

Pathetic, right? And even more pathetic and gross when I puked figured out that it reeked of rat pee!!!
Ewww! (please don’t tell)
The first thing I did was spray it down with a hose and then kicked out ALL of the panels and shelves, only leaving a shell.  I then let it sit out in the heat and sun for about a week.
I then scrubbed the remaining pieces with TSP. The stuff works wonders. It gets the smell out, the grime out and anything yuck out!


I then replaced the all of the shelves in the cabinet and added new boards to the entire back of the dresser and hutch.
I sanded and primed the entire piece with Zinzer Primer and then sanded and restained the top with my favorite Minwax Dark Walnut. I chose a white chalk like paint for the rest. This time I used Waverly Antique White.
As mentioned before, the entire back has new birch boards – a major improvement!
Wow! Already looking fantastic but my favorite extra touch is the distressing.
And now it’s unrecognizable!
Oh! and remember how beautiful it is a Christmas time!
I sure hope its new owner enjoys it for many more Christmases to come!
Merry Christmas!
Yours truly,

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