Angry Men? {Angry Birds Canvas}

Let’s start off with Exhibit 1 and then I will come back to it later.
Weird paintings, right?
A bit of some background first:
Way back when, I found some Crafty Christmas trees on the curb.   

It was around Valentine’s Day so I quickly spruced up one and then a few days later stored them away in my attic for next Christmas season. 
I didn’t just grab the trees but I grabbed what was under them…four canvases that I have named: 
Angry Men!

Ummm, wow!
WOW!  Was someone going through a sad, dark phase at the time?  They are all four signed and dated with prices on the backsides…or is that how much the original blank canvases costs? I cannot help to think that two of them are images of Jesus with the crowns?  It’s a bit of a sad interpretation of it though. … . My mind cannot help but to wander and wonder about what the heck these represent!
Did I find them at the home of the artist and they never sold-therefor are in the trash?
Or did the homeowner actually purchase the series and threw them out when he eventually realized how silly they are? 
Or do any of you know if this person is a famous artist that I am about to destroy by painting over?
I doubt it!
Well I guess it’s too late for you to speak up because I have turned all four into separate projects starting with my version of 
Angry Men Angry Birds! 

Got off track there for a moment and now on to the project!
Bubba loves the Angry Birds game on my phone and hogs it plays it when we are traveling in the car. 
He begged me for this Tshirt last summer at Target and has already grown out of it! 
I almost threw it into our GoodWill pile when I decided to save it for him and put it one one of the canvas boards.
Image Via website
Ends up two of the paintings are canvases and the other two are boards. 
I cut the Angry Man board down to size (sorry Mr. Angry Man!). 
Slid the shirt on over it and secured it with duct tape so I could salvage it later. 
I then set it up on his shelf and done! 
Quick and Easy.  He loves it, I love it and I was actually able to fit something crafty into my afternoon!
I’ll share with you how I transformed the other three Angry Men a bit later! 
Happy Treasure Hunting! 


  1. chillin with Quillin

    I just love dropping by and seeing what your up to, you are so creative, nice idea with the t-shirt and cant wait to see what you do with the other canvases!!!

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