Angry Men Part II {DIY Memo Board}


Here is Round Two of Angry Men.  Let me remind you of how silly they were

Did you figure out from the post title and leading picture hint above what I did with one?
I am a genius at keeping a secret, right?
Well after downloading some more of the process pictures I remembered that I completed this back in March.  I was kind of embarrassed that I even grabbed or held on to these guys…until now. 
This project was quick.  I already had the material left over from LadyBug’s Bow Frame. 
You can read about how I made the frame out of an old screen door 
I’m not going to include a tutorial on 
How to make the Memo Board
 but I am sure you can catch on with the following pictures: 
Here are the items I used- 
* Angry Bird Painting 
*Craft Foam 
*3″ Batting
*Spray Adhesive
*Staple Gun
*Graphic Material 
*Craft Tacs 
*Craft Flowers (ended up not using) 
I glued it and stapled it all together and came up with 
Ladybug’s Memo Board
She loves it!  Or she at least acts like she loves it to make me happy.  Sweet thing, always so encouraging and displaying my little crafty projects that I make for her.
She is pretty crafty herself, I’ll have to dedicate a post to just her projects alone one day! 
Here is her new Memo Board next to her Bow Frame.
Now it is full of her special pictures. 
I think it turned out cute! 
What do you think? 
Any more ideas of what to do with the last two Angry Men Canvases?
I’ll share some more soon, yes there is a Part III!
Although I like the way the memo board turned out with the 3″ foam, I think it is too think and will probably try the 1″ in the future 🙂 
No Friday Block Party this week, in fact I think I am just going to do it every other week!



  1. Traci

    Hi Tami. Love your new blog header, great job. The angry men cracked me up. Great use for them to become memo boards.

  2. Diana

    I think it came out very cute. Although I must say I did sort of like the angry men!!
    Love Di ♥

  3. chillin with Quillin

    the memo board came out sharp, and love the bow frame, cant wait for part 3.
    have a great weekend!!!

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