April KidzSpace Reveal

The first quarter of 2012 flew by and before I knew it, it was already time to decorate KidzSpace again for April.  Let me tell you I was a little puzzled at what to do!

In fact, our theme for the month was “Puzzled” as in they wanted to use puzzle pieces to symbolize how sometimes
it’s hard when we can just see a piece or two of the puzzle to get a glimpse of
the bigger finished picture.  The “big picture” idea is that we have Hope of something good can come out of something bad, something frustrating or puzzling.  Hope is the key.
Okay, I didn’t want to just go overboard on puzzles so was still at a dilemma on what to do.  My first thought was to spray paint a bunch of large puzzle pieces and make a puzzle garland as backdrop.  Have you ever tried to spray paint puzzle pieces?  Didn’t go too well.  It took tons of paint to cover the puzzle pictures and then after ample drying time they still stuck together when I tried to move them. 
4 days left and still didn’t know what I was going to do until I saw this!  The silly lattice inspired me, it looks a little puzzling, right?  I scooped the two pieces up an decided to spray paint them red. 
That was easy! 
Then our Children’s Ministry Director called at told me I could use their Hope cutouts from Christmas – Perfect!  
I felt bad painting over someone else’s hard work – they even glittered it!  But I got over that quick because my time was running out.  Sunday was quickly approaching!
My faithful assistant, Buttercup, helped me prime the letters.  She did a great job and had a blast (there is still paint in her hair two weeks later!) I really enjoy spending this crafty time with her πŸ™‚
We then spray painted them bright yellow and think they are ready to go!
And there you have it front and center on stage – well a little off centered but that’s okay!! 
 I also cut out some puzzle pieces from poster boards to go on the lattice and used a few of the surviving painted pieces around our little sign.   There is my assistant again, getting in the way messing with it all pulling, tugging, and jumping on everything making sure it doesn’t fall down!  “Safety First” as her daddy taught her! 
All finished and ready to go for Sunday morning.  I “HOPE” the kiddos enjoy it this month!

Happy Treasure Hunting! 

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  1. Kelley @ TheGrantLife.com

    Wow! That came out great! Youre so talented Tami πŸ™‚

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