The Competition

Meet the King of the Competition!

Remember in a previous post where I discussed my competition?  The  “Curb-shopping-white-truck Monday-Morning-Competition” ?  Yes I just posted the link to refresh your memory.  He is pretty slick dedicated as I see him driving around  (O:Dark-Hundred)  super early before we are even functioning properly.
  My Love now teases me by saying “Hey Tami! You’d better hurry up, there’s your competition!”  Yeah, okay – I know my garage is packed with crap and I make no money doing this, what are you trying to say?  What? Where? We laugh but this man is dedicated and by the time I see him his truck is SUPER FULL!   He usually has it all tricked out with plywood so nothing will fall out of there but today I guess was his day off, it’s Saturday, so he wasn’t quite prepared.  I NEVER see him I have seen him score some pretty awesome and also some pretty crappy stuff. That being said, he always grabs the super big stuff – like full on patio sets, outdoor furniture, kids play sets and BBQ pits.  He must resell it somewhere which is fine by me, better than it going to the dump.   I’m really only after the cute stuff that I think has some crafty potential, so no worries Mr. Competition!

Any way, I vowed to try to sneak a picture of him one morning but I really didn’t think I would be very successful at it so soon.  So imagine how shocked I was to see him driving right in front of me mid morning – – – on a Saturday!  I followed him for a few blocks and then he pulled over and stopped at a garage sale.   Quickly I inconspicuously snapped this little pic…

Awesome!  Hey, notice how I respectfully blocked out his license plate and Lawn Service Business sign?  And of course I don’t want any of you stalkers and Dumpster Divin’ Diva Wannabes out there to compete over here in my awesome neighborhood!
If you ever see the King of the Competition out there be sure and wave!



  1. DeAnna

    Hey Tami, there is a job for you when A goes to school. Got junk driver, except all the stuff would go to your house! You would need a bigger house after that.

  2. ~ Tami

    Hmmmm…maybe I could talk MyLove into giving up half of the garage just for me 🙂

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