Cool Tool Birthday Party for Dad

I have to admit that I feel pretty lame.  This past weekend was MyLove’s Birthday.  It was kind of a low-key celebration as we attended church and then took him out for lunch, and rested around the house.  I even tried to make him some pancakes which I really didn’t burn too bad, it’s the thought that counts by the way!

  Since we have been working so much on our new house lately he said he just wanted another tool so I waited for him to tell me which tool set he wanted as a gift, and delayed, and procrastinated and lo and behold his birthday came and went.

Also, I hate birthday cards, well let me back up:  I hate taking each kid to go buy daddy expensive birthday cards to just have them stuffed in a drawer or thrown away.  I find more meaning in the hand-made cards like Buttercup made this year.   It was so cute, and we all loved on MyLove all day and reminded him of how old he is of his birthday so I thought all was good.

As we were going to bed last night Buttercup was upset and was sad that we did not have a birthday cake or birthday party for Daddy.  She was worried that he was sad too.  Wife of the year award, right?  I just felt awful!  To make it worse she said she was already planning a surprise party for him for next year and wants everyone to hide and yell “Surprise!”

My mind got into gear this morning and I decided to go ahead and have an impromptu “Throwdown Party” like we did for the National Nite Out Party.

Besides, it would definitely be a surprise since it’s the day AFTER his birthday.  I picked up Buttercup from school and we got to work.  I let her think she was doing  do most of the party planning.

MyLove could care less about decorating for a party but the kids, okay not the kids, but I like to decorate and have it feel festive.   I didn’t want to spend way too much money on decor so I raided the garage and came up with a color scheme and a plan.

My first inspiration piece was the Lowe’s Bag that his gift came in.  Then from there it just kind of connected and came together quickly.  I found lots of blue tools in his garage and went forward with our new theme: 
Cool Tool Birthday Party!

The only thing we purchased today was the $2.99 birthday balloons.

We used a blue drink cooler as the centerpiece that held an assortment of tools.  I think that was the heaviest centerpiece we have ever made!
~Wrenches, Yard Flags, Hammers, Grips~

And what about the place settings, why not use screwdrivers and wrenches?

We had pizza and brownies, Daddy’s favorite!
(pretty darn great baking for a 5 year old)

I am so glad that I always keep extra festive plates and napkins on hand.  They are so easy to pick up at great prices as they drastically go on sale after each holiday!  I have recently used these for my daughter’s Graduation Party, Our 4th of July family reunion and our Throwdown National Nite Out Party!  I definitely got my money’s worth!

Finally, every cool tool party needs ambiance, right?  I just love candles!

Buttercup was so excited as we all anxiously awaited Dad’s arrival.  We turned out the lights, hid and all jumped out and yelled “Surprise”  He was surely surprised!
 (I took this pic while hiding behind the table)

I am so glad we took the time to put this little birthday party together.  The kids loved it and MyLove seemed to really enjoy our dinner! 
Do you have a gentleman in your life and stumped on a party theme?  This was super easy, inexpensive and fun.
I hope this inspires you to do the same! 



  1. NanaDiana

    Very, very, very cool-even if it was a day late. I guess you will get your Wife Of The Year Award a day or late, too!;>) Tell Buttercup she did a wonderful job-xo Diana

  2. Sherry at The Rusty Pearl

    I love it girl. Day late or NOT .. The surprise was what counts right LOL > I Love the setting the table all of it . As usual you dont ever let us down girly . LOVE LOVE and I am sure that TOM is a happy camper

  3. Kylie Helm

    This is PRECIOUS, Tami! What a lucky guy! I can't believe all the creativity that was thrown into that birthday bash! Great job 🙂

    xo Kylie @ Absolutely Arkansas

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