Curb Alert! at the Lake {Real Life}

Perfect Mother’s Day weekend.
I must say it was one of my all time favorites.   We spent three days at The Lake and I have determined I never want to go back to reality again. 
Just spending a few days away, unwinding, really makes one appreciate God and nature and those that bless your precious moments.
Here is a little photo recap from this weekend:

Here is happy mom relaxing on the canoe while her daughter paddles her to see the sights. 
Yep, that’s about as close as a bathing suit picture you will ever see here on Curb Alert! 
Here is our view from the house that our fabulous friend lets us visit a few times a year.  Such a nice quiet getaway! (somehow even relaxing with the kiddos!)
Mom trying to fish. Okay, I didn’t catch anything but our kiddos and Uncle K did!
(Bubba calls him “Uncle Cracker!)
How awesome is that!?  Catching  your own dinner!
Fresh fish right out of the lake!  Gourmet meal at it’s finest! 
(you should have seen how hard it was to catch those french fries and hush puppies!)
Mom relaxing again in “her spot!”…and actually finding time to read!!!
and the kiddos had a ball… N O N S T O P !!!! 
except for the huge mammoth splinter that LadyBug got in her foot the first TEN minutes of our trip!
Do these chairs remind you of something?
And who can resist a little “Curb Appeal” at the Lake?
This girl cant! 
Sweet hubby took me out on a little boat ride around the lake to check out a bit of the Curb Alert action!
You know how much I love benches! 
…and garden furniture!
My Dear Love…Is there any way we can retire at the age of 43??? 
We have to send FOUR kiddos to COLLEGE?
Back to reality! 
It may be awhile!
Until then, I will just enjoy these little moments one weekend at a time!
Thank you My Love!



  1. Rita

    Gosh those are BEAUTIFUL photos and you look Fabulous!!

  2. Anonymous

    Looks like it was a wonderful relaxing weekend, and, my dear, you look fine in your 'bathing suit' ! Much better than I would, And I haven't had any children to blame it on!!

  3. Jeanne

    What a fun filled day! I'm so glad it was a really happy Mother's Day!

  4. chillin with Quillin

    Awesome pics, we need a get away place like that, but more permanet.
    even though you got away, your mind was still on curb appeal,lol, and for the fries and hush puppys ,bet they were a hard catch,lol. Thanks for sharing!!

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