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How was your weekend?
Ours was great! It went by way too fast!

Curb Alert!  was featured two times this week and I am very excited about it.  Why?  Because I am a big fan of the following websites and honored to be recognized!

Have you heard of it?  It’s a huge Home Decor blog that showcases high end retail store knock offs for a fraction of the price.  My No Sew Pillows out of Place Mats Post was featured Saturday evening as a Pottery Barn Knockoff.  Go check it out!

Easy No Sew Pillows out of Placemats on Curb Alert! 

Thank you Knock Off Decor!

I was also very proud last year when my Pottery Barn Wannabe Dresser was featured at Knock Off Decor.   I love the Pottery Barn-ish look for a fraction of the price.

Pottery Barn Wannabe Dresser on Curb Alert!


Wow!  Where do I begin with HomeTalk?  It’s a huge Home and Garden/DIY Website with a plethora of information from Do It Yourselfers of all types.   I have learned so much from others’ projects and truly been inspired. 

Curb Alert! Headboard Bench

This week they featured a snippet about my Headboard Bench on their Facebook Page and I was beyond thrilled with the sweet comments shared.    It is so uplifting to read through them. 

Thank you HomeTalk!

The Rusty Pearl

I LOVE the Rusty Pearl and read it any chance I can.  Curb Alert! has been featured over there a few times and I am truly honored. 


Sherry is a sweet soul and shares so much of that on her blog, and lucky me, she is a friend of mine in real life too!  

She is one of the most Godly, uplifting woman that I know.   There are times when I am having a bad day and somewhere, somehow Sherry knows and lifts me up in so many ways – with her blog, her words, her texts and phone calls.   Every.Single.Word. that comes out of her mouth is sweet and positive and I truly thank her for that!  I’ll never let her go.  You should become her friend as well and check out her blog.  

I hope you feel uplifted too! 

Finally, thank you for your sweet comments on my last post  

Real Life Beyond the Blog

Most of the comments I received were either by private email or blogger but due to some “no-reply” or “anonymous” commenters, I am unable to respond to you directly so I am doing it now.  I read each and every comment and am blessed by all of your encouragement and inspiration. 

Thank you all! 

Well that’s it!  Time to get ready for a new week! 

Be sure to come back over to check out what I’ve been up to! 



  1. Rita Mireles

    That's awesome! Congrats!! I'm off to check out "The Rusty Pearl" now 🙂

  2. Vanessa

    Hi, Tami

    I am so happy for you! Congrats!!

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