Curb Alert!

I’ts so cool to have awesome friends on the lookout for me.  Remember my friend Myra and the cute Bunny Makeover?  Well she was out and about the other day and called me right away to tell me there was a great big moving truck in our neighborhood and that I had better go take a look. 

Of course I ran out the door  leisurely grabbed my camera and took a ride down there to check out the goods.  They did have a lot of stuff but there were many movers going in and out of the house so I just grabbed a few items laying on top of the pile.  I have to tell you a lady stopped me and asked if I was going to park there long because she was expecting company and needed the spot.  I said “no mam I am just grabbing that board for a friend yeah right and will be quick” She then said, ” well then will you please grab that pan for me, I have been eyeballing it the last hour!”  Of course I grabbed it for her and smiled and got out of there as quick as I could so I could before anyone saw me!
The sword came in handy a few days later and was used to slay evil darth demons on a Hallowed night…
and the (brand new) bulletin board will fit perfectly Butterfly’s collage on her gallery wall…
A few hours after Myra called, LadyBug called me to come see what she found while riding her bike to a friend’s house – a big huge big-screened TV.  “I think you can fit it in your car, right Mom???”  Sweet girl for thinking of me and my Curb Shopping Addiction sweet little secret hobby.  Wow, if I only needed a thousand pound TV right now!!!  I passed on it, but we had a good laugh together.
And finally, a friend of mine texted me last night asking me to take a look at some chairs she is getting rid of.  Of course I said yes!
Found anything cool lately?
Happy Treasure Hunting!


  1. Holly_Palermo

    you have lost your friggin' mind!

  2. ~ Tami

    My momma always said "if you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all!" 🙂

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