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I recently read an article online via ABC News Online April 16, 2012:


Man Accidentally Donates Engagement Ring to Goodwill

A young couple’s wedding plans suffered a setback when the groom-to-be found he had accidentally donated his girlfriend’s engagement ring to Goodwill. Josh Miller, 31, had been hiding the ring in the pocket of an old winter coat for two months as he waited for the right moment to pop the question.”She talked about the exact right (ring) that she wanted for a long time and we just finally, for once, found the perfect engagement ring and we were very excited,” Miller told ABC News’ Atlanta affiliate WSB-TV.That excitement was short-lived however. Ready to propose, Miller dug through his closet for the ring, growing increasingly frantic as he realized it was nowhere to be found.”I was just shaking,” Miller said. “I didn’t know what to do, or what to say, or how to feel. I called Cara immediately, but she thought I was joking.”Thinking back, Miller realized that coat, ring and all, was among the items he had put in a pile to donate to Goodwill earlier in the week.”Honestly, I just think I forgot,” he said. “I knew it was in my closet  somewhere, but we were just grabbing stuff and I threw it in a pile and  thought, ‘I don’t wear that anymore.'”By the time Miller was able to get in contact with the Goodwill in his hometown of Buckhead, the coat, which had been put on the shelves earlier in the week couldn’t be located.Miller has not given up however, he is hoping that a Good Samaritan finds the ring, in his jacket, which he described as a black ski jacket with gray stripes, and return it to him. The ring is made up of a square  princess-cut solitaire with smaller diamonds surrounding it in a white gold setting.”That ring means more to me than anything I can explain,” Miller told WSB.In the meantime, the couple will proceed with their wedding plans; Miller is scheduled to fly to Akron, Ohio to ask his fiancee’ Cara Epstein’s father for her hand in marriage. Whether or not there will be a ring to be put on that hand remains to be seen.”She’s a school teacher and I’m a landscaper,” he said. “We obviously don’t make enough money to afford something like that on a regular basis. It was a very large purchase for  us, and I just made a very bad mistake.”

How unfortunate!  I sure hope the ring is returned to him!
Note to self:  Be sure to check all of your clothing pockets before donating to Goodwill! 



  1. Grammy Goodwill

    I'm so disappointed that the ring hasn't been turned in.

  2. Rustown Mom

    I lost a bracelet like that. It was on my wrist as I was stuffing the donate bags. didn't figure out what happened until weeks later. Gorgeous oriental design with the character for LUCKY in the links. Lucky for someone else – not me!

  3. chillin with Quillin

    I hope someone is caring enough to return the ring!!

  4. Pamela

    I hope the person who finds it is honest and returns it!
    New follower from Texas Bloggers. Hope you will drop by and do the same!

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