Curbside Current Events: Dumpster Diving Score


Okay, time to fess up…have you ever gone dumpster diving?   And if you did would you dare to grab such ordinary items such as plain envelopes?

What if the envelopes looked like this…

I guess they would be intriguing and could contain maybe an old love letter, a rare historical document or maybe something like what this girl found …

Believe it or not I am great at quickly grabbing from the curb but have rarely actually picked up things from within the dreaded dumpster.

Maybe after reading this article we should all rethink our strategy.

Single Mom finds Diamonds in a Dumpster

P.S. the story ends in a good deed, which is something we all need in this day and age!

Happy Treasure Hunting!


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  1. Sharon @ mrshinesclass

    Great story!

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