I’m a little excited!
Three years ago today, September 15th was my  first official blog post at Curb Alert!  
My little blog baby was born.  
Wow!  Life has changed so much

in the last few years but I am glad that during this time I have stayed true to myself, true to my blog voice and had so much fun along the way.
The blog has opened up a world to me of DIY, fun, friendships and encouragement.  I am so grateful and thankful so THANK YOU!  Whether you have been here since the very beginning or just catching up, I am so glad you have joined the Curb Alert! community! 
If you are new then a great way to catch up is to visit my Project Gallery Page or 
What have I been working on this week?  
Well, I have been jumping back and forth between projects and suffering from what I have called DIY ADD!
I JUST completed another one but I’ll have to share that with you in a few days after I take some pretty pics first. 
Can you guess what it is? 
Here are some other things in the works!  I cannot wait to show you in the upcoming weeks. 

I am teaming up with some other bloggers too for some cool and unique furniture pieces. 

I hope you have as much fun as I do visiting all of their blogs. 

Have a great week.  If you need me I will be found in the garage DIYing away! 
Happy Treasure Hunting! 


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