Drought Tolerant Plants {Part Two}

Thanks for your sweet compliments regarding the Drought Tolerant Plants from my last post, Texas Gardening and our Drought Tolerant Plants.  Trust me, it was a trial and error for a very long time and I just about killed everything I got my hands on. I finally threw in the towel and decided to plant only species that would survive in extreme heat and sunshine.  If you have lived anywhere near the Houston area you know that it can feel like 100 degrees even in the shade!  That extreme heat makes it difficult to care for certain delicate plants so with some proper planning you can still have a bounty of plush greenery and florals.
As I was browsing through my files last night I came across a few more pictures that I had taken of our plants so I decided to share them with you in this post, Part Two! 
Another favorite is the 
Red Chinese Hibiscus

My oldest was born in Guam way back when and our home at the time was surrounded by 8 foot Hibiscus Trees!  They were fabulous and provided the perfect setting for our tropical island home. 
Everywhere we have lived since then I have ensured that we had the red hibiscus planted somewhere in our garden to remind me of those times – young Navy wife, adventure lifestyle, new mom boy that seems like a LONG time ago!

Another favorite is the 
Mexican Heather

These provide a lower groundcover and look super great as a border to your landscaped flower beds.   I have transplanted this little guy many times and every time he comes right back even heartier than before.  I will definitely plant some more at my next home. 
Up close you can see the adorable purple blooms.   I love them. 
Another fave is our Yellow Bells bush.  I call them that because my mom calls them that, except hers are yellow and ours are orange.  The name has just stuck!  Okay I really need to look up the real names to these species but let’s just look at their gorgeous beauty for now! 
Where are my Yellow Bells pics when I need them?   I know I have some but I am impatient so these will have to do:
Okay, I couldn’t stand it so I looked up the proper name:  

Yellow Bells ‘Sangria’ Esperanza

Here is another pic of the yellow.  Beautiful!  I think you HAVE to have some yellow color in your landscaping because as I mentioned in my previous post,  Texas Gardening and Drought Tolerant Plants,   it really does POP against the lush green lawn! 

Just be sure and plant these in a wide space because they stretch out and grow to reach 6 to 8 feet high! 
And finally the most drought tolerant plants of all, 
the Faux Plants aka “fake”
This route may not be for you but if you really have no luck with gardening at least try your hand at some container gardening and use the varieties that look very similar to the real thing.  It does make quite a difference. 
My Yellow Forsythia that I purchased at Kirklands many years ago.
My red “fakeness” that I probably purchased at Walmart.
My favorite topiary greenery.  I love anything topiary so this one wins in my book.   No watering, no wilting, always looks great!
I just happen to have two!

I hope this helps to give you some more ideas about 
Drought Tolerant Plants. 
Looking at all of these flowering beauties is making me a bit sentimental.  I am really going to miss this house…Now excuse me while I go grab a tissue.



  1. Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR

    Oh, Tami, we have a lot of the same plants…the mexican heather, the yellow Esperanza, and the hibiscus! You just can't kill these things!! LOL!!!

  2. Rita

    I love you but this still makes me feel like crap about my lifeless lawn and two dead plants I own. I may join you in grabbing a tissue

  3. Julie redheadcandecorate.com

    I get attached to houses too Tami. I still cry about our first one, and it was a wreck. But we fixed it up, and then the girls were born there. It's hard, but moving into a new place is so exciting too!

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