Entertaining with What you Have {a.k.a. Our Throwdown Party}

This week was National Night Out for Texas, Tuesday Oct. 1st to be exact!  Well MyLove and I decided that we would host this year’s event for our neighborhood.  

Yep, we just moved in a few months ago and thought what a better way to get to know our new neighbors than by throwing a party.  We kind of decided at the last minute but MyLove and I are pretty good at that.  We love to entertain and decided years ago we were not going to let time slip away without getting to know others and spending time with them.  We keep our pantry stocked with a few extras (plates, napkins, plasticware, crackers, cheese, chips,etc) that we call our “Throwdown Food” so we jokingly referred to it as our “Throwdown Party”
We didn’t advertise it as such, we just Googled National Nite Out and made some quick invitations and passed them around to our neighbors. 
I also put up a sign at the entrance drive the day of our event just as a little reminder. 
We kept the menu simple with hotdogs, frito pies, lemonade, water and condiments.  We asked our neighbors to bring the extra munchies and desserts.  We were thrilled with how many showed up and all of the food they brought.   My kids are eating leftover hot dogs and cookies for their lunches for the rest of the week!  I got many compliments about how nice the presentation was and truly I just worked with what we had.  I kept it simple and buffet style, made sure the tables were covered with tablecloths (nothing formal, just plastic) and placed items around at different levels.  It took no time at all but made for a great presentation.

I thought I would share with you just a few of the preparations that made the biggest impact.
We reused these food trays and napkins that we purchased for our Fourth of July Family BBQ (my dad’s favorite!) and used some of the extra checkered napkins to fill and decorate some baskets and trays.  I think it made it look like a very well thought out affair, not just a “Throwdown Party”.

I used leftover plates from my daughter’s graduation party this summer and filled glass candle votives with silverware. 

I shopped the house for the rest of the items. Notice how they are all different items that normally do not go together but once they are styled they all look very cohesive.  

Here is where they normally reside:
In the bathroom…

In the Kitchen…

In the Bedroom…

In the Living Room…

Just about Anywhere…So next time you want to throw a party or host a small get together don’t stress over the presentation expense or details.  First shop around your home, you just may already have everything you need.  
It was a great evening and looking forward to getting to know everyone better.
I hope you are inspired!
Now you can focus on more important things like… 
Good Food
Good Wine 
Good Friends! 



  1. Susan DeBow

    This is such a great idea! I am always afraid to entertain, but this is something I can probably handle. I love the ThrowDown Party idea! Thanks.

  2. Meredith @ The Laundry Can Wait

    You did a fantastic job! Next time I host a gathering, I might have to get a little more creative and shop my house.


  3. janet

    I love your little red hot dog baskets! Can you share your source for them? Thanks! Would have loved to have been there! :o)

  4. Sharon @ mrshinesclass

    I wish I lived in your neighborhood! You've inspired me to take the initiative in my neighborhood next time.

    I love that you shopped the house…you're right, everything looks cohesive. Very nice presentation.


  5. chillin with Quillin

    very nice set up, looks great, I like the idea that you used things from around your house !!!!

  6. Jeannie Marie

    Yes, shop your own home first! Great advice!!!

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