#FairTuesday {Trades of Hope}


What’s happening this month?  as if I have to ask! …

Please consider

purchasing one of your Christmas gifts from Trades of Hope
There are lots of beautiful, reasonably priced accessory and home decor items available.

Tuesday, December 3rd is Fair Trade Tuesday – so how awesome would it be to purchase your items at that time in honor of helping others in need?

Source: FairTuesday.org

“#FairTuesday is an ethical shopping movement created in response to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The goal of #FairTuesday is to inspire conscious consumerism and show how an everyday purchase can change lives in a whole community. #FairTuesday features fair trade, ethical, and eco-friendly brands all dedicated to creating positive, sustainable change.” ~FairTuesday.org

This will be “the gift that gives twice” as you help women out of poverty! Use my link http://www.mytradesofhope.com/tamimichel.

Here are a few of my favorites: 
I love how all of the pieces are versatile and coordinate well together: 
And who doesn’t LOVE green for the holidays??? 
Fast, Simple, Easy! 
To shop it’s one fast click HERE! 
And don’t forget their unique home decor! 

Below is a sample of each page in the catalog that not only showcases the items for sale, but tells a story about the beautiful artisans behind each product.  One of the main reasons why I fell in love with this company! 

If you want to learn more about Trades of Hope just click through the website or visit my Trades of Hope page Here!
If you are unable to shop at this time please take a moment to read about the cause and pray for awareness.

Thank you so much for your consideration!

Tami Michel
Trades of Hope
Compassion Entrepreneur



  1. Sherry at The Rusty Pearl

    Beautiful and a beautiful thing your doing in helping these beautiful women that make these items. I do want to order one. DEC 15 will call and place my order and its on my calendar

  2. Jeannie Marie

    The items are so lovely! Kudos to you for helping!! I'm going to visit some of these sites for my shopping.

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