Fall Front Porch 2012


Happy Monday Curb Alert! friends and Happy October!

This weekend I decided to add a little fall to my front porch.

I did not purchase a thing but a little spray paint (I’ll get to that later)

And here it is…My Fall Front Porch:
Well that’s it, in all it’s glory. Nothing spectacular but I like the simplicity of it without a lot of “fuss”.
Did you happen to notice the planters?
They used to look like this (from the curb) then this (painted red):
You know how much I love red but I was getting a little tired of it.  I purchased three cans of spray paint and about $15 later transformed them to fit into my fall porch.
I like the way it looks now with the fall colors.
  I even found the wreath on the curb with this heap of a mess. I am glad to finally use it.
How do YOU decorate for fall?
Happy Treasure Hunting!


  1. Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR

    Tami, I love your front porch decor…the planters look amazing! I had to laugh at the 'junk' pile. I got one of those same lampshades at a friend's garage sale. I added some beading to it; and mixed it into a vignette. She couldn't believe it was the shade that she got rid of!!

  2. Jeanne

    I love the stone look for the planter! You won't get tired of that anytime soon, it's such a classic look. Love, love, love the wreath too!

  3. It’s All Connected

    I have a can of that stone look and haven't used it. After seeing those urns, I'm heading out to see what pots I have to transform! Your front entry is so elegant and inviting! ~ Maureen

  4. chillin with Quillin

    your front entry is awesome, its perfect, not to little and not to much just right!!!

  5. Maria Elena

    Tami, I love, love your front porch decor! The planters are sooo pretty! Love the new look and colors. I can't believe you found that wreath on the curb. It is gorgeous!

  6. Laura @ Our Prairie Home

    Beautiful, Tami! What fantastic Fall touches! And better yet… No money spent! That makes it even better! Simply beautiful!

  7. Pamela

    Your wreath is beautiful Tami!!

  8. Lisa J

    Does this work on plastic pots? Do you only suggest terracotta or ceramic pots?

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