Game Show Time! {May KidzSpace Reveal}

Time for KidzSpace Decorations!
So here it was, three days before May and I got nothin’.  Absolutely nothin’! 
My mind was a blank. 
I thought it would help to go ahead and take down last months decorations so that I could start with a clean slate.

Still no help.
While I was searching in our storage room for black fabric I came across this long purple velvet.  We have purple chairs in our KidzSpace so that was my starting point! 
Wow!  Big deal, table and chairs – the kids are going to snore! love that! 
Then there was my accomplice who pretends that he would never grab from the curb as he giggles about my little silly addiction  quickly grabbing some brand new looking fresh pieces of plywood from none other than our neighbor across the street!  He at least asked the homeowner if he could take them first (he’s considerate that way) and our neighbor helped him carry four large sheets over to our house. 
We have a friend working on some home projects for a needy couple so we offered the plywood to him.  He took many good pieces, leaving us with two.  We were not sure what we would do with it yet until our current Game Show dilemma but hating to see it thrown to the curb two hours before the trash men arrived. 
My Love felt inspired during my time of desperation and offered to make a game show wheel.  Thank goodness because I was still drawing a blank on this one.  All I could come up with was purple and now glitter – lots of glitter! 
He saved my butt! whipped out that project in only a few hours and left the rest up to me (thanks honey!)  He made a simple A-frame and a wheel that spun while secured with a large screw and bolt. 
We even had a few neighbors walk by his workspace on our driveway and said “What is this, Wheel of Fortune”?  Why yes it is and thanks for noticing!  Hopefully the church kiddos will get the same concept.
Aaannnnnnnnnd here comes the glitter that my lovely assistant helped me to make numbers for the wheel.  There was now glitter all over the counter, glitter all over the floor, glitter tracked all over the kitchen, glitter on daddy’s work suit (oops, shhhhh!)  The point is she had a great time helping!
We even made cute little headbands out of some sequined ribbons for the teenage stage assistants.  
My lovely assistant again showcasing the headband for you…
And you cannot have a Game Show theme without a super Host in his pimped out, TV Evangelist Lookalike suit! 
It was fun adding a little bit of pizazz to this suit that my friend found at Goodwill for $15.
Front and Back
And here they are in action on Sunday morning!  The pictures do not do it justice of what an amazing job these guys do on stage.  The kiddos LOVE it!  (they kinda liked my stage too!)
Here they are in their small groups trying to make a bible verse out of Cheezits.  
Bible Verse and Food – a WIN/WIN combination, I must say! 
Check out the teen assistant rockin’ that headband!  🙂 
What a fun Sunday.  I cannot wait to see what they come up with the rest of the month! 
Thanks MyLove for being my biggest fan! XOXO
Happy Treasure Hunting! 

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