Google Plus Link Party Blog Hop!


Happy November! Are you looking to grow your circles on Google+?  Do you want better SEO and increased website exposure? Then this is the place to be!

Bloggers and NonBloggers are welcome to join in!
Welcome to the mommy is coocoo Google+ Link Party HOP!

This week there are NINE cohosts.  What does that mean, well it means that the blog hop is being featured on 9 blogs’ audiences/readers giving you more of a chance to  meet new bloggers. 

If you want to GROW with us on Google+:
1. Add all of the cohost to one of your circles.

2. Link up your Google+ url NOT your blog url.

3. Share a post on Google+ and include the hashtag #mommyiscoocoo.
I personally will be sharing several posts.  Post with the #mommyiscoocoo hashtag were shared over and over again by our supportive group.  Thanks ya’ll! 

4. Socialize – The more shares a website or blog post has the better chance it has of ranking well.
  • Add new friends to your circles.
  • Comment and share post you really enjoy!
  • Throughout the day +1 posts with the hashtag #mommyiscoocoo on Google+

*This is a weekly party!*
*If you want to grow your presence on Google+ email Amanda at mommyiscoocoo(at)gmail(dot)com to cohost


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  1. Sherry at The Rusty Pearl

    Okay my blogging sister. I am on GOOGLE and ON blogger dashboard.. HELP a sista out ..LOL I am blog challenged LOL SOOOO What to do ..SIGN ME UP !!! LOL love you ooooodles . .Have a blessed day and YES lets grow these circles girl

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