Gypsy Blue

This week I have a lot of personal things going on (all good, don’t worry-just busy)
So I have decided I am going to introduce you to some of my crafty friends. 
First meet the Mermaid Gypsy Blue:
Gypsy Blue is the name of the mermaid in this fabulous art piece – who could not fall in love with her!  Well my 4year old daughter, Buttercup did this weekend at a local art festival we attended. 
She immediately was drawn to

her purple and mirrored tail, batted her eyes at her daddy and he agreed to purchase Gypsy right on the spot!

Look how big she is!  Here is Buttercup posing with the artist, Bonnie Blue.
She painted her on a piece of tin off of an old historic Galveston building and for awhile she hung in front of a seaside shop named Gypsy Blue!  How cool is that!
Bonnie is quite the talented eclectic artist, look what she did for the Art Car Parade.   
Wow! what a fun car (actually it’s a van)
She’s very talented and even featured another car with green tiles and mirrors. (not pictured)
Thanks to my friend, Diane, who worked so hard on putting together such a fabulous event.  
We are looking forward to many more in our community. 
It was an overall beautiful weekend.
So stay tuned this week as I introduce you to a few of my other
 crafty friends.
I’m also going to finish up on another big crafty project, my friend’s dresser.  She proclaims she is not the crafty type so she was brave enough to commission me to refinish her dresser and turn it into a gameroom media cabinet.
Sneak Peek
Just a little bit of staining and hardware and tweaking and WALLA! 
I cannot wait to show it to her. 
Happy Treasure Hunting! 


  1. Helene

    how fun! i do love that piece! it is so neat. thanks for sharing!!

  2. Heather Llanes

    I love Gypsy Blue!

  3. chillin with Quillin

    that mirmaid is awesome,its so much bigger than your daughter,lol, and your Hubby was so sweet to get it for her!!!

  4. Dani

    Gypsy Blue is beautiful!!

  5. Rita

    Love that mermaid and WOW to that van…WOW!
    cant wait to see what youdo to your friends dresser!

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