Houston, we have a problem! {Friday Block Party #7}

Houston, our problem is that all of our roadways are blocked for the entire weekend, and crowds, helicopters and news crews are everywhere on the ground making transportation a nightmare!  The solution, get on the lake with our jet ski!!!

Today was officially the last day of school and to make picking up the kids from school a complete night mare our entire little Bay Area suburb of Houston celebrated with the arrival of the Replica Space Shuttle at NASA.  We live a few blocks from the Lake where the Shuttle was arriving so My Love and I jumped on the jet ski to go check out the festivities up close. 

Our entire city was bummed to hear that the retired Space Shuttles were not going to be housed permanently here in Houston, especially since we are close to so many people that have dedicated their entire lives to the space program.   We even have many astronauts that attend our church and schools with our children!  So as you can imagine, it was welcomed news to hear that we would at least get to house the replica where astronauts have spent countless hours of training in the machinery. 

I am extremely excited that we were able to do this since about every road around us for the next three days will either be closed or blocked off on and off all weekend while they transport the shuttle from the dock down the road to NASA.   What a sight it was to view it from the water and after seeing all of the crowds and traffic jams on the roads, thankful that we chose the jet ski instead.  I felt very patriotic among all of the boats sounding their horns and playing patriotic music to welcome the new attraction.  We took three trips out there toting our kiddos across the lake just so they could get up close and personal, something I think they can explain to their grand kids.  I know, sounds like not much of a big deal but to our community and economy, NASA is a big deal!
Okay, so I kinda gave away where I live.  Please don’t stalk me! or I will have the police come after you!  Yes, the police were even out on the water today! 
Buttercup had a blast!
Bubba also had a ball driving for awhile.   Ummm, it won’t happen again any time soon though, I think I now have whip-lash!
Start-Stop Start-Stop Start-Stop
He’s learning!
Wow! This week just slipped right by me.  Like I mentioned, it was our kiddos’ last week of school and after attending field days, graduation ceremonies, field trips and year end class parties (all times 4 kiddos!) I just lost track of time…in a good way.  And to spend the whole day on the water was spectacular 🙂
 Many memories made and feeling a bit sentimental as all of my kiddos are growing up way too fast!
So that’s what I did today to top off a pretty good week.  What did you do?  Anything crafty?   I would love to see it, please link up to our Curb Alert! Friday Block Party and share! 
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  1. Grace @ Sense and Simplicity

    What a memorable day. I would love to have seen the space shuttle up close. It sounds like that was just what you needed – I remember how exhausting the last week of school was when the kids were young.

  2. It’s All Connected

    I love the idea that you took to the water when the roads were packed! How did this happen that the community that should have the shuttles doesn't? ~ Maureen

  3. Julie

    How interesting Tami…you live in a beautiful area. Great post esp. this time of year…:) Come check out our collaboration that starts Monday 🙂 Have a great weekend!

    ~ Julie

  4. Chelle

    Very nice post!!! Especially loved the pic of the shuttle, up close & personal!! Regarding the,"where I live" statement, were you being serious? Is keeping your place of residence THAT much of a secret necessary or were you just kiddin round? I have started a blog & not really sure of all the 'rules' yet. Thanx for sharing what musta been a Fabulous day w/ your Family, w/ all of us- your readers, friends & stalkers!! 😉

  5. Helen’s Decor

    Tami, so many memories whenever I see that NASA emblem. My father joined NASA in Huntsville when Wernher von Braun moved to NASA. NASA's presence caused a small sleepy town to boom, and not only to put "Man On The Moon." Just as in your community, Huntsville has benefited and given, too. I'm proud to have called Huntsville home of the many hometowns I've had including Houston! Great post!

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