It’s Wednesday-What’s for Dinner? Our Very Own “Happy Meal”

Please tell me that I am not the only mom on the planet that many times has no clue what she is cooking for tonight’s meal?   I cringe when my kiddos ask me the dreaded words, “What’s for Dinner”?  There are some weeks

 that I am good about our meal planning, other weeks not so much.
This has been one of those weeks!   I wish I could just snap my fingers and magically appear a MickeyD’s Happy Meal!   It was then I decided to whip up this:
Our Very Own “Happy Meal” 
Haha…I am laughing while uploading these pics because I saved them as “OctoMeal”
Okay truthfully this was our dinner from last night on Tuesday but it sounded un-cute to call it “It’s Tuesday-What’s for Dinner?” so Wednesday it is!
You have met my best friend, Mr. Boyardee, right?  You can see more of my kitchen HERE and HERE.
Okay, back to our meal:
I have admitted many times that I am not the best chef ever but I AM crafty and will do what it takes to disguise a plain boring dinner.  
We started out with this and this:   
Sausage and Mac and Cheese
 and on any ordinary night the kids think Blah Blah Blah!
How did I make the Octopus, you ask?  I knew you were dying to find out my secret!  Well first cut it in half longways and then quarter it. 
The kids were totally laughing at me at this point because I was playing with my food but guess what!  They wanted to JOIN IN and HELP! and then after we cut up all of the sausages, carrots and spinach leaves they totally ATE it!  ALL of IT.  My 13 year old even begged me to cut up two more Octo-Sausages for her. 
Score 1 for mom this evening and trust me, I needed it! 
So there you have it!  Our very own 
Octopus Happy Meal.
Totally Kid Approved! 
For some more of my Fun with Food Creations, please visit these previous Curb Alert! Posts: 
The point is, I need to quit being so down on myself about not enjoying the actual process of cooking (like in THIS POST) but try to find joy in creating the end result.  One final thought is that we eat dinner every night as a FAMILY.  Great meal or not we are all together and enjoying each others’ company.  
Those are the memories that I want to make! 
So what do YOU have planned for dinner tonight? 


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