Lamps, Cont.


Well, tomorrow turned into a weekend and then a Monday and you know how that goes.  I still have lamps on my mind though.  I seriously don’t think I have too many.  Here are a few of my favorites in addition to the two around the TV…

I love to leave this little mini-lamp on in the kitchen at night so I don’t run into anything when I am sneaking a late night snack preparing school lunches at the crack of dawn.

These beauties have moved around from room to room.  I love their little scrolls.  They used to have large bows on them but I changed them up a little.  I like them better now. 

And what about this one!  It has such a beautiful glow and I love the keep it on ALL of the time.

Notice I like to buy them in pairs.  These used to be in my bedroom on my dresser and now they are in the living room with all of my gaudy (sp?) gold frames.

And now a few more…sorry!…

This lamp I picked up at Goodwill for $3 and painted a Walmart shade with Butterfly’s initials.  Remember those in the 80’s decorated with seashells?  She can change out the inside with whatever she chooses to match her decor and I think the monogram looks pretty awesome if I do say so myself! (pat on the back!)
Okay, so I have a confession to make, I have counted our lamps and we now have 22 working lamps in our living spaces, enough to fill the bed of our truck.  The problem is that it doesn’t include these…

Or this…

…and a few more stashed.
I got most of these items for next to nothing or Free!  Yes that makes me excited, I see potential in them but how long am I going to hide them in the back of my closet?  When My Love found them I was quite embarrassed to admit that I have even more hidden!  I’d better get to work and make them beautiful or someone may call and sign me up for the Hoarders Shows!
Oh well!  Till next time!

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  1. peppermintpatti

    Oh My Goodness! I thought it was just ME that had a lamp addiction! LOL!

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