MacKenzie-Childs Inspired Hand Painted Accent Table

Hi Friends! Welcome to this month’s Theme Furniture Makeover Day. This month’s theme is “Knockoff” where I, along with my blogger friends, makeover a piece of furniture inspired by a high end store. I’m so excited, as it’s one of my favorite themes.


You didn’t think I was going to reveal the full makeover right away, did you? Of course not, I would love for you to keep reading to see what I did the these old accent tables.

Have you ever seen MacKenzie-Childs furniture/assessory pieces? Well they are stunning as they are each hand painted and quite pricey. After I tried my hand at hand painting my own piece I can see why, it took lots of patience and a very steady hand!

Here are a few MacKenzie-Childs pieces that I love..

Yep, pricey but desirable to many. I have seen stunning entire collections of their products and they are gorgeous in person.
Did you happen to notice the black and white checkered theme throughout? I did and that’s what I tried to replicate.
I first started with this pattern that I found. It’s a scrapbook page that I decoupaged on the top with ModPodge.
I then worked within that same color palette of black and whites, red and pinks, and greens. I thought this would be a quick project, boy was I SO WRONG. I spent  W A Y  too much time on the tedious details of my checkered/harlequin pattern. I almost painted over it after lots of frustrations and interruptions (a.k.a. Shadow, our new kitty cat!)
Luckily I am a very patient girl so I was bound and determined to complete it as planned, in the true MacKenzie-Childs Inspiration!
I also cut out some of the scrapbook paper and decoupaged it to the legs of the table. My husband thought I hand painted them on  – ummm, okay whatever.
Things that I realized while painting checkered/diamond/harlequin pattern:
It’s so much easier to paint on a straight piece instead of curved legs like I did (lesson learned).
Measure and sketch out your pattern with a pencil first, free-handing this step is HARD!
Paint the white portions first, then paint over with the black lines (trust me).
Make sure you have plenty of time and patience, it’s not a quick project.
A quick look at Before!
The After:
Maybe, just maybe I’ll replicate it on the other table – I’ll let you know!
Amidst all of the frustration, I am quite pleased with the outcome! Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below and then take a moment to stop by my friends’ Knockoff Inspired furniture makeovers!

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