Mooooove Over! Check out my New Business Cards!

I am so super excited to share with you a little gift I just received in the mail…  
My very own Curb Alert! Business Cards from!

I saw what a fabulous job that they did for another blogger, Jenny at Modern Modest Beauty, gathered some of my blog income and quickly purchased my own!
Merry Christmas to Me! (or Happy 4th of July to Me, whichever is more appropriate)
Not that I need good luck, I have found such personal joy and fulfillment with writing on Curb Alert! even when I just had one reader (thanks My Love) 
Lately friends, and friends of friends have been asking me, “What is the name of your fabulous website?”
Now I can just hand them a card so they can never forget!  I even decided to be  a super dork and smear my trash can pics beautifully display my banner pictures all over them.   How appropriate, right? 
I feel liked I’ve finally officially moved up into the blog business!  Makes me feel so classy, I tell ya!
Let me give you the rundown of how easy it was. 
I went online to
They have so many card designs to use or you can upload your own images like I did. 
My cards are the double sided version and cost me around $20 plus shipping for 50 cards. 
I paid for standard shipping and was amazed at how quickly I received my order, within a week!
Check out the cute complimentary case they came in! 
Not that I need it because they are printed on fabulous weighted cardstock displaying a beautiful picture quality!  My point is that they are not some flimsy little cards that will bend all up in your wallet! 
So if you are in the market for some new fun personalized business cards, head over to and check them out by clicking on their ad below or on my sidebar: 
P.S.  I am not getting paid to promote, however I am in love with how my very own business cards turned out and do get an affiliate commission on whatever you decide to purchase if you click to them through my blog.  Simple as that!
Looks like a win-win situation for both of us, don’t ya think???
Happy Treasure Hunting! 
~ Tami


  1. chillin with Quillin

    Awesome, now your totally a buissness woman!!
    I had to go cheap and make my own cards, but they work ,the word gets out !!!

  2. Muhammad Amjad

    I just check it out…lovely cards..use same for Metal business it. Thanks for sharing.
    Discount card printing

  3. Tammy Killough

    Oh….Thanks for the info on the business cards! I probably won't buy them today…but I'll def click through you when I'm ready! ~Tammy~

  4. Hoa Bracken

    Your business cards are simply awesome! Having your own business card could definitely mean you’re turning your blog business to the next level. It could be the start of earning more. Congratulations! +Hoa Bracken

  5. Matthew Reeves

    Now, you’re a certified business woman! Having a business card is a sign that your business is growing. It also shows your professionalism in your chosen field. Well, I’m sure with your wonderful business card, many will be attracted to check out your business.

    Matthew Reeves

  6. Retta Langevin

    Like what Hoa and Matthew said, having a business card is a clear sign that you’re already a businesswoman! You’ve designed this on your own, right? Maybe next time, you could include your personal logo to represent your blog business. Good luck and congrats!

    Retta Langevin

  7. Daisy Peggs

    Your cards look ubercool! I think you picked a great picture to use, and the layout is very interesting and eye-catching. Great job with those!

    Daisy Peggs @

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