My Favorite Job {March KidzSpace}


As we near the end of yet another month, it means time for me to decorate for our March KidzSpace at church.  And although I refer to it like a paying job in worldly terms, in reality it is not.   I consider it my most fun and meaningful job (aside from wife and mother, of course) and the rewards are far greater than any monetary value.

Job Title: Facilitator of KidzSpace Decor (I made it up but sounds good, right?)

The Job Description:  Designer, gopher, shopper, decorator, handygirl and source of implementation of the backdrop and stage area in our KidzSpace Sunday School Department.  I don’t even have to do the tough brainy work, our Directors just send me the curriculum and allow me to “go with it”  In real terms, I get to have fun and scope out fun places like Hobby Lobby, Goodwill, Dollar Store and of course the Curb for awesome inspiration to use in our space.

Time Commitment:  Countless hours of creativity and laughs as I try to work with the themes throughout the months.  Implementing my schemes and ideas and watching them transform into the real decor of the space.

Pay:  Reimbursement is always a quick turnaround but I rarely touch the budget with my amazing frugality skills!   Okay I am bragging a little here but it is really fun challenge to see how much bang I can stretch out of a buck!

Benefits:  1.  It’s fun, I really enjoy spending the time on it 🙂
                 2.  Watching the kids “Ooh and Ahh” over the space all month long as they are enjoying the activities (today the preschoolers walked in as I was completing the final touches and shouted “look at the jungle!” and “awesome, who did that?!” – my heart filled with pure joy to witness their excitement!)
                  3.  Working with my own children and allowing them to incorporate their own crafty ideas and help with the themes each month.
                  4.  Knowing that I am using my creativity and talents (if you would dare to call it that) for an amazing purpose/mission for the Lord!

And here is the KidzSpace Reveal for the month of March – the theme is “Rooted” 

We had everything on hand with the exception of the new burlap fabric as the backdrop.  I have so much planned for that burlap in our upcoming summer themes, just sayin’!

Notice the topiary trees from my front porch?  You can see how I made them HERE.
I couldn’t resist using them in this space.

It was a fun day putting it all together.  I cannot wait until it’s revealed to the kids this Sunday!
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Thank you so much for reading Curb Alert!  It has been another way to fuel my creative side!

Have I ever mentioned how much I like all of this red!?!

Happy Treasure Hunting!



  1. Grammy Goodwill

    Your "jungle" looks great. Is this in a common area where the kids congregate? What a gift you have for that type of thing.

  2. It’s All Connected

    What a wonderful and creative thing you are doing! It must be so exciting for the kids when they come in and see a new theme. It reminded me of the year I bought a roll of butcher paper and taped it around the Sunday school class where I was teaching. As I read the stories the kids were drawing it on the paper and made it all the way around the room before the season ended. ~ Maureen

  3. Maria Elena

    Tami, this is awesome! I know you had fun creating this wonderful space for the kids! I was the owner of a private preschool for over 12 years, so I have also spent many, many hours creating fun spaces for the kids and it was one of the most rewarding times of my life! I miss it! There is nothing like watching their little faces light up when they see something new and fun. We used to have this huge column in the center of the hallway and one day, I got tired of looking at that ugly thing and converted it into a huge tree, with branches and everything. That tree became such a fun way of doing exciting things with the kids. We used to decorate it for the different seasons, would add leaves and all kinds of cut outs for Fall, garland and Christmas decorations for the Holidays, flowers, birds and butterflies for Spring time. Such good times!
    I meant to leave you a comment, not write a book! LOL Keep having fun with it!

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